Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tap, Tap.

By Baxter

Do you know what it would have taken for Donald Drumpf's phone calls to be wiretapped last year? Not a Presidential whim — an order from the FISA court.

Do you know what it takes to get an order from the FISA court? A request from the National Security Agency, or from the FBI, or from some other storied institution concerned that the country is at risk.

Donald Drumpf is bleating and tweeting that Barack Obama wiretapped him. If he's right about that, he can make the surveillance records public. He's President, after all. But doing that could also force him to reveal that the government — career people, not political appointees — considered him and his campaign a threat to the nation, right?

If Drumpf was wiretapped, there was a good reason for it. But it's easier to scream "McCarthyism" than to let the details come to light. We cats believe strongly that, sooner or later, this Russia story will be the end of Drumpf. But in the meantime, because we love our country and hate to see it in peril, we HISS.

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