Sunday, March 19, 2017

We Are Not Amused.

By Sniffles

Under this nightmarish new administration of misanthropists, knaves and fools, the United States is becoming a very unattractive place.

We cats are already heebie-jeebied about the toppled headstones in Jewish cemeteries, the bomb threats phoned into Jewish community centers, the Indian-Americans mistaken for Muslims and shot, the citizens frisked by US Customs at the Canadian border, and the swastikas, swastikas everywhere.

Now we have a waiter in California telling a table full of Latinas that he needed to see ID before he could serve them. He wanted to make sure they were legal residents, don'tcha know.

The haters are feeling quite bold in the age of Trump, aren't they? But this last one really puzzles us. Does that guy — whoever he is, and he'd better pray his name isn't already on the Internet — not understand tourism? So what if his customers weren't citizens? They were — but they could have been vacationers from abroad, injecting valuable tourist dollars into the American economy.

We can't decide what offends us most: the Trumpsters' hate, or their stupidity. Some days we think it just might be the latter. We cats HISS.

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