Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wag The Cat

By Miss Kubelik

We cats were just thinking last night: With James Comey laying a criminal investigation at the feet of the villains and mountebanks who currently inhabit the White House, it surely won't be long until the Trumpsters gin up some foreign crisis to fend off their critics and make the nation rally 'round.

Now, this: DHS has announced it is banning passengers from carrying some electronic devices on flights from the Middle East. Terrorism, you see. (Of course, it's a sure bet that Republicans who will gravely support this latest Trump administration move today are the same Republicans who screamed "Monica!" after our African embassies were bombed, and Bill Clinton ordered cruise missile strikes in response.)

In our view, this DHS order is just the first step in the new anti-Comey War of Distraction. The only thing that worries us more is that some adversary like North Korea will take advantage of the chaos and do something for real.

As a good friend has said, we've run out of slurs — the English language is too small to encompass the awfulness of the Trumpster mob, and the abyss into which the United States is descending. We cats HISS.

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