Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nous Ecrivons Pour Sophie

By Baxter

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau has caused un grand brouhaha by asking people to observe International Women's Day with a nod to feminist men.

"This week, as we mark International Women's Day, let's celebrate the boys and men in our lives who encourage us to be who we truly are, who treat girls and women with respect, and who aren't afraid to speak up in front of others," Canada's first lady wrote.

And wow, did some women get mad. "Don't we already celebrate men enough?" one of thousands of commenters asked.

Oh, sigh. We cats wonder: Was Sophie's post really such a bad thing? Politics is horrifying enough these days as it is. Should we really get all umbrage-y when someone whose husband filled 50 percent of his Cabinet posts with women says something positive and affirming?

On the other hand, we get it: "Celebrate" was probably the wrong word. If Sophie had asked us to write her message (and we hear she might be short-staffed), we would have advised her to phrase it differently. How about something like this?

"This week, as we mark International Women's Day, let's be grateful that not all men are as hideous as the Republicans are in the United States. Let's get down on our knees and thank God that not all men are like that sociopath in the White House Donald Trump, who brags about sexual assault, or Dave Brat, the GOP Congressman who complains that women are 'in his grill' because he wants to take away their healthcare, or Nathan Larson, that sicko from Virginia's 31st House District who wants to repeal the 19th Amendment and legalize incestuous marriage, or Corey Lewandowski, who manhandles female reporters, or Representative Kevin Cramer, who doesn't like white pantsuits, or Louie Gohmert, who hides behind Gabby Giffords's skirts when he makes excuses for not holding town halls. Let's celebrate the men who are not like these Republican jackasses, and urge them to join us in the fight to take civilization back from the Trumpian hordes."


(PHOTO: "Daughters of the Vote" brings 338 young women to the Canadian House of Commons for a day. How many will run for office and gain a seat in Parliament for real? We cats PURR.)

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