Friday, March 17, 2017

Hmmmmm... How Did They Do It?

By Baxter

Pundit Dana Milbank, whom we cats like much better in print than when he was snarking with Keith Olbermann on cable TV, has reminded us that one of Donald Drumpf's favorite themes on the campaign trail last year was this: "We are led by very, very stupid people."

Yep, we sure are — now.

But what the heck! Let's take Drumpf's argument — that he is the smartest person in the world and that the previous administration, full of government-loving slobs as it was, could not possibly match his superior, private-sector, art-of-the-deal intellect — and ask a question.

How could the dumbest people in the world manage to successfully surveil the world's most brilliant businessman — who, by the way, was also protected (he said) by the greatest security team in history?

We have no idea how Moe, Larry and Curly could have outsmarted that pack of veritable Einsteins over at Trump Tower. Perhaps someone will explain? In the meantime, we cats HISS.

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