Saturday, March 25, 2017


 By Zamboni

We cats have often said that we Democrats are nicer than Republicans. (That's why they run roughshod over us so often.)

Now, here's perhaps our latest proof: Have we seen any Democrats taunting the GOP about "pulling the plug" on Trumpcare? We've certainly seen the headlines, but no folks from our party rubbing it in.

We're just wondering, because back in 2009-2010, the Republicans from Charles Grassley to Sarah Palin were shameless in their claims about how the Affordable Care Act was going to disconnect Grandma from her respirator. ("Death panels," don'tcha know.) So here's hope that this tug-the-plug allusion adds a little extra measure of pain to the Republicans' shattering Obamacare screw-up.

One thing they probably don't have to worry about, though: Democrats being mean. Because only one side says and does childish and spiteful things — and gets away with it, repeatedly. We cats HISS.

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