Sunday, March 26, 2017


By Miss Kubelik

Is this really possible? Are Republicans so damn dumb that their American Action Network Super PAC forgot to pull a bunch of Obamacare-repeal ads from the NCAA broadcasts Friday night?

Yep. They really are.

The ads showcased a veritable rogues' gallery of GOP House members whom we grateful citizens were supposed to "thank" for kicking 24 million Americans off their insurance — which, as we all know, didn't happen. But we found this one particularly delicious, seeing as it's the execrable Barbara Comstock from here in Northern Virginia.

One of the reasons Comstock is a fraud and a fool is because she built her career as a Congressional staffer, not by mastering policy but by gratuitously slamming everything that then-First Lady Hillary Clinton and the Democrats tried to do on healthcare reform. The irony!

So here she is, a Paul Ryan loyalist who waited until the last day to bail on her Fearless Leader. That she was included in this "thank you" ad buy is just more proof of how bad the Republicans' vote counting is.

Congresswoman Comstock, the only thing the voters have to say to you is not gratitude but rather a demand to know this: Why did you run on "Repeal and Replace on Day One" if you can't deliver? Can we see your Obamacare replacement bill? You've been in office for two-plus years — surely that's enough time to come up with something. We cats HISS.

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