Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tweet To Preet

By Miss Kubelik

It's not often that the world gets up in arms because a lawyer has been sacked. But the Trumpsters' ham-handed handling of the US attorneys' firings might have gone relatively unnoticed but for the fact that one of those shown the door is a legal superstar.

Good for Preet Bharara for making those miscreant monsters fire him. By refusing to meekly resign, he may yet make Donald Drumpf and that evil dwarf over at the Justice Department regret what they've done.

In the words of a like-minded Democrat we admire, Preet Bharara has been a great and fearless public servant who will be called upon again. In fact, wouldn't he make a great special prosecutor for the Trump-Russia investigation? Who else could save America from the anti-patriots who are handing the country over to Vladimir Putin?

Meanwhile, tell Preet Bharara how much you appreciate him. Send him a tweet. We cats did, and it made us PURR.

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