Sunday, September 18, 2016

And By The Way, Hillary's "Bodyguards" Are The Secret Service

By Zamboni

Donald Trump is repugnant for many reasons, but nothing about his behavior appalls us more than — let's just say it, shall we? — his calls for someone to assassinate Hillary Clinton.

We saw glimpses of this when he encouraged supporters to beat up demonstrators at his rallies. That was bad enough. Now, he has twice done a nod, nod, wink, wink at his unhinged (and heavily armed) supporters about the benefits of shooting his Democratic opponent.

The most recent one was Friday, when he pushed the lie that Clinton wanted to take people's guns away — in fact, she doesn't — and added that her "bodyguards" should disarm so that we can all "see what happens to her."

This is so not funny, and so unacceptable, and so beyond the pale, that we barely know where to begin.

Surely tons of pixels have been expended on explaining how, in a country of around 300 million firearms, it only takes one nut to grab his Glock and do Donald's bidding. So we will simply focus on its hideousness. When you consider how scarred American history is by assassinations — beginning with the murder of the Party of Lincoln's founding President, for heaven's sake — to even hint, as Trump does, that someone should kill Clinton is proof that he has no soul.

Yeah, we know that the alt-righters and the channers and the Internet trolls would say, forget it — it's all about lulz, and to anyone outraged by Trump's behavior, the joke's on you. To which we respond, no, you creeps: Wallow in the virtual world as much as you want, but Trump is saying things that can have dangerous consequences in the real world — something you evidently know very little about.

We cats lived through the assassinations of the 1960s, which the frustrated, nihilistic white men who comprise the channer culture are too young to remember. So we are not amused, will not indulge in "lulz," and in fact will do everything we can between now and Election Day to ensure that their hero the execrable Trump never reaches the White House. And of course we HISS.

(PHOTO: The bed in which Abraham Lincoln died, its pillow still stained with his blood. If Lincoln could come back today and see the Republican Party of 2016, he would never stop throwing up.)

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