Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kellyanne Wrongway

By Sniffles

Ever since Kellyanne Conway was hired as campaign manager for the Trump-Pence operation, we cats have been waiting for her to whip its sorry butt into shape organizationally. After all, that's what true campaign managers do — even if they've only ever been pollsters in their previous lives.

But now we're convinced about what we suspected before: Conway has no clue how to run a campaign, and, in fact, that's not what she was hired for.

Trump has no interest in the ground game. He just brought Blondie on to translate his messages to normal people on cable TV and elsewhere, and try to make them palatable.

How do we know? One small — or maybe not small — example: Nearly a month ago, the Trump campaign swore it would open 24 field offices in the all-important swing state of Florida. How many of those are open for business today? Zero. (They're coming, they're coming, insists a Trump spokesperson. Cross her heart and hope to die.)

Hm. Not only does it look like the Trumpsters are going to depend on the RNC and on "county CEOs" to bail out their Florida operation, but we can't imagine that a real campaign manager would allow so many weeks to pass without those headquarters setting up shop. But maybe the fact that Trump only has 50 battleground-state field offices to Hillary Clinton's 200-plus doesn't bother her.

We cats say, fine with us. Let the Trumpsters lazily bring up the rear when it comes to the ground game. Because this campaign is going to be won in Florida, and Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and North Carolina, and Nevada, and — well, you know how the rest of it goes. We cats PURR.

(PHOTO: The 2012 GOP field office operation wasn't so hot, either.)

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