Sunday, September 11, 2016

Toughing It Out

By Zamboni

We cats dearly hope that the Trumpsters, especially that nutcase Rudy Giuliani, go nuclear on Hillary Clinton's recent diagnosis of pneumonia. Because some Republicans are worried that they will. One nameless operative told POLITICO that Trump "needs to be very careful and sensitive, and not reinforce the worst things people think about him, which is that he’s an asshole."

Oh, please, Donald — reinforce away!

That's because when we heard today that Clinton, newly diagnosed and on antibiotics, had gamely turned out for a memorial commemorating one of the most significant episodes in her tenure as a New York Senator, we couldn't help thinking of all the women across America who have ever gone to work feeling not quite up to par.

For example, how many waitresses, factory workers, customer service reps, clerks and cashiers, crossing guards, baristas, ticket agents — fill in your favorite low-wage, female-dominated position here — have shown up at their jobs suffering from colds, menstrual cramps, muscle aches or morning sickness, because they needed the money, or there was no one to watch their kids, or they were afraid they'd get fired? And then gone home to mind the children, fix dinner and/or clean house?

Millions if not zillions, right? Which means that's millions and zillions of women who will not appreciate Trump, Giuliani and the rest the alt-right calling Secretary Clinton "weak," "old" or even hospice-appropriate. (We kid you not, that last one really happened on the Twitter machine. And then the coward took the tweet down.)

Sorry, boys: Girls deal with crap every day that you can't even imagine. So go ahead, mock Clinton for feeling she couldn't pass up the 9/11 memorial. You'll just piss off a lot of American women who have ever forced themselves to slog through a day because they didn't have affordable healthcare or child care, a higher minimum wage, educational opportunities and all the other quality-of-life, safety-net benefits that you Republicans are so against. We cats HISS.

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