Sunday, September 25, 2016

ZZZZ... So Many Clinton Endorsements, So Little Time

By Baxter

Those of us who love the play Cat On a Hot Tin Roof trace part of our adoration to Tennessee Williams's liberal use of the marvelous and mellifluous word "mendacity."

So imagine our delight that The New York Times not only endorsed Hillary Clinton the other day, but also just published a scathing "Part 2," explaining in no uncertain terms why Donald Trump must not be President. His mendacity (yep, they used the term) was a big reason.

In short, his lies. Constant, unrelenting, unremitting lies.

We cats can't remember a major newspaper that ran two separate pieces as the Times has. We've certainly noticed how many have endorsed Clinton early — a brutal comment on the GOP's historically bad nominee. Endorsements of Hillary by Republican papers like The Dallas Morning News, The Houston Chronicle and The Cincinnati Enquirer have also sent a signal: Expect other traditionally right-leaning editorial boards to take a pass on Trump.

It's just more evidence of how far off the rails the Republicans have gone this year. Papers declining to back a GOP nominee for the first time in decades if not a century. Former officials from the Reagan, Bush I and Bush II administrations throwing their support behind Clinton. Establishment types — like Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, Jeb! Bush — refusing to follow Rafael Cruz, Jr. in his cowardly steps and endorse Trump. All living previous GOP Presidential nominees except Bob Dole skipping the Republican National Convention.

The media simply have to stop acting as if there's some kind of equivalency between Trump and Clinton, and that their respective negatives should be given equal weight. To continue pushing that canard would be mendacious indeed. We cats HISS.

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Labrys/Syrbal said...

The mendacity of the media frankly makes me want to take a clue from MY cat -- who totally skips hot tin roofs and prefers the bed with a soft feather comforter!