Sunday, September 4, 2016

State Of The Race

By Miss Kubelik

Happy Labor Day Weekend. We cats are using the holiday to take stock of where the 2016 campaign for President stands, and we have to say, things aren't looking too shabby.

That's because when you dig down into the state-by-state details (as they no doubt do on the hour, every hour, in Brooklyn), you see some pretty encouraging developments. Such as:

The following states appear to be completely off Donald Drumpf's electoral map: New Hampshire, Virginia and Colorado. (Note to Trump-Pence: Do not assume that means that we in the Old Dominion are going to get overconfident and not turn our voters).

Drumpf has failed to put these states on his map — despite the fact that he guaranteed he would: Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, California, Washington, Oregon and Illinois.

Drumpf has also been unsuccessful at putting Minnesota and Michigan in play as part of his famous "Rust Belt strategy."

Pennsylvania is probably off the map for him, too.

Drumpf is actually at risk of losing — drum roll, please — South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Arizona and, incredibly, Utah. So, yes: These states are probably the stuff that Democratic dreams are made of. But Drumpf is playing defense in all of them, so he'll have to spend money in them.

And speaking of money, Drumpf's August 31 report would have to show that he raised $170 million to $180 million just to catch up to Hillary. (Catch her, not pass her.) Will he do it? They haven't released their numbers yet, but somehow, we doubt it.

Let's be fair and admit that Drumpf has succeeded in keeping Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada and Maine-2 competitive. Heckuva job, Donnie!

And we haven't even mentioned the ground game yet. We cats PURR.

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