Friday, September 30, 2016

When Red Papers Go Blue

By Baxter

Wow! This day in the Presidential campaign has been so eye-popping and extraordinary that we cats feel like doing a Hillary Clinton shoulder shimmy. We were tempted to write Donald Trump a thank-you letter for all the stupid things he's done this week, but we decided it would just go on forever. So instead, we'd like to revisit the topic of newspaper endorsements.

Before the last few days, Clinton had collected the backing of Republican papers like The Arizona Republic (first for a Democrat, ever!), The Cincinnati Enquirer (first since World War I), The Dallas Morning News and The Houston Chronicle. And we cats predicted more.

Well, guess what: Joining The Richmond Times-Dispatch, The Chicago Tribune has hacked up a hairball and endorsed Gary Johnson. USA Today, which was founded on the principle that it would never tell its readers whom to vote for, just published an unprecedented editorial warning Americans away from Trump. And The San Diego Union-Tribune, which has supported only Republican Presidential candidates in its 148 years of existence, today threw its weight behind Hillary.

We have a few questions for Rancid Pieface and Trump apologists like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Sean Spicer.

1) How do they explain Clinton endorsements from such reliably Republican organs like the Republic and the Enquirer? They can't trash those papers too much, remember — it might reflect on their upcoming Senate endorsements (John McCain in Arizona and Rob Portman in Ohio). 2) How do they justify the Clinton endorsements from papers like the Union-Tribune in the context of the reassuring, pro-Trump arguments they've been trying to peddle? And 3) how do they explain the fact that a paper like the Tribune, which for years spoke more forcefully about foreign engagement to fight Communism than nearly anyone, has just endorsed a pacifist like Johnson?

Finally: How do they fix this in a mere four years? We cats PURR.

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