Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yellin' About Yellen

By Sniffles

With his insistence on touting unscientific online polls and his apparent conviction that he "won" Monday's Presidential debate, Donald Drumpf could be said to be living in a bubble. But could he also profit from one?

And is that why he's attacking Janet Yellen and the Federal Reserve Board now?

Anyone who watched the debate heard Drumpf repeat his accusation that the Fed is "doing political things" by not raising interest rates. (He's so articulate!) And Pundit World probably thought, wow — whatever happened to the age-old tradition of keeping the Fed outside the bounds of partisan bickering?

But here's something more puzzling: Drumpf has praised the Fed in the recent past. So is this just another case of insecure Donald attacking a powerful woman? What's going on here?

We have a theory: As a (we assume) wealthy man with no ethics or scruples, Drumpf has placed a big bet on higher interest rates, and he's just drooling to cash in.

He could have bought interest rate futures or US dollar futures, or he could have sold other currencies that would decline if US rates increase. He could be amassing cash to swoop in like a vulture on highly leveraged luxury properties that would suffer from higher rates. Of course, he won't tell us any of this, will he?

If Donald Drumpf could brag about making money off the collapse of the 2008-2009 real estate bubble, why shouldn't he be planning to profit off the 2016 Fed bubble? We cats demand answers, which we'll never get. So we HISS.

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