Friday, September 16, 2016

The Bully Backs Down

By Baxter

Thank you, Reverend Faith Green Timmons, for gently humiliating Donald Trump in Flint the other day. It set him off on another one of the vengeful rages that he goes into when he thinks that someone's disrespected him.

Especially someone who is, shall we say, not like him (white, male, rich, Republican).

In the Flint case, it was a woman of color in a clerical collar. Back in July, it was a Gold Star dad who had lost a son to a suicide bomber in Iraq. Reverend Green Timmons and Khizr Khan both challenged Trump's humanity — but he clearly decided they were challenging his masculinity.

How do we know? Because after the Democratic Convention he went right after the Khans — especially Mrs. Khan — in one of the most inexplicable and ill-advised attacks a Presidential nominee, who should have been resting on his laurels, could stage. "She probably, maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. You tell me," Trump said, alluding to the Khans' Muslim faith.

Now, evidently smarting from being cowed by a black woman at his Flint visit, Trump not only slammed Reverend Faith Timmons as a "nervous mess," he allowed his fury to seep through in an interview last night with Robert Costa of The Washington Post.

Hell, if you're pissed off at a black person, why stop at the Flint pastor when you can go after the biggest, most powerful African American in the world — especially since you were the one who rode the birther beast for all it was worth, both before 2011 and after? So when Costa asked him about his campaign's recent statements that he now believed Obama was born in Hawaii, Trump, still stewing, refused to say.

Having been shut down by Reverend Green Timmons, Trump just couldn't bring himself to utter these simple words: "Yes, Bob, Obama was born in the US, period." Instead, this morning he gratuitously slipped the line into a manufactured event in which he paraded some veterans around like props and asked the media to ooh and aah over the size of his penis new hotel. (Happily, they declined.)

We cats are rooting for the next person who gets the opportunity to embarrass Donald Trump. Who will that person be? A transgendered student barred from using a public restroom in North Carolina? A US-born child who lives in terror every day that her parents will be deported and her family torn apart? A working-class mom of three who couldn't stay home from her job even though she was sick? There are so many qualified candidates — but only one way that we know Donald Trump will react: like a child. We cats HISS.

(PHOTO: Trump speaks to members of the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint. Look at that crowd! It's YUGE!)

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