Monday, September 5, 2016

What Little Donnie Will Do — The Sequel

By Sniffles

Chris Wallace, a so-called "journalist" from FOX "News" (sorry, even the son of Mike Wallace is "so-called," since he works for FOX), says that he won't fact-check the candidates in real time during the Presidential debate he's moderating this fall.

Which means that if Donald Drumpf tries to claim that there are two million "criminal aliens" in the US (there aren't), Wallace, unlike before, won't move to correct him.

Call us cats skeptical.

First, Wallace is scheduled to moderate the last debate, not either of the first two. Lester Holt kicks off the festivities on September 26. Holt will set the tone, and he's challenged Drumpf aggressively in the past. If Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz — neither of whom are shy and retiring — follow suit, Wallace will look like an idiot. (Or more of an idiot than he already is.)

Second, who says there will be any Presidential debates? Hillary Clinton jumped on board weeks ago, but Drumpf still hasn't agreed to do them, saying, "I'll have to see who the moderators are." Well, now he has, and there's — silence. We still think the chances that Drumpf chickens out of one or more of the debates falls somewhere between 50 and 75 percent. We cats HISS.

UPDATE: Obviously, our trenchant blog post smoked Drumpf out. Today he rushed to say of the debates, "I expect to do all three." Well, he probably expects to tweet like a fool tonight, and eventually get out of bed tomorrow morning. So we cats will believe it when we see it. In the meantime, we guess that a raptor swooping down and stealing that dead animal off the top of his head would qualify as a "natural disaster."

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