Thursday, September 8, 2016

For Better Or For Worse: Let's Establish The Dr. Judith Steinberg Rule

By Sniffles

We cats are old enough to remember the days when the media started freaking out about the fact that Dr. Judith Steinberg didn't hit the campaign trail in 2004 with her husband, Democratic Presidential candidate Howard Dean.

Eventually, Dr. Steinberg was forced to submit to Diane Sawyer interviews and all the other crap that political spouses — unless they're Bill Clinton — despise. Poor Judy: All she wanted to do was to take care of folks who visited her medical practice in Shelburne, Vermont. But the realities of Presidential politics intruded, didn't they? We cats think she handled it all with superior grace — after which she retreated to her first love, providing healthcare to people who needed it.

Dr. Steinberg's experience has made us cats all the more aware of the fact that political spouse Melania Trump has gotten off, more or less, scot-free. Until now — maybe.

Finally, finally, someone in the mainstream media has noticed how invisible Melania has been since her star-crossed convention appearance in July — despite questions about her immigration to the US. Melania's press conference about her immigration experience? Promised, not delivered. Explanations about discrepancies in her bio? Un-illuminated. Allegations about having worked as an escort? Un-refuted.

We cats think that whatever political spouses have to suffer on the Democratic side, they should endure in GOP world. So Melania earns no special exceptions. Therefore: When will she submit to the Sawyer-like grilling that Dr. Judith Steinberg — let alone Hillary Clinton and all the other partners in American political history — have endured?

Let's now, and forever more, establish The Dr. Judith Steinberg Rule: Political Spouses Must Answer For Everything. If Judy had to do it, so does Melania. We cats HISS if that doesn't happen.

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