Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Soggy Logic

By Baxter

Mike Pence has decided that an unverified estimate of 650 people turning out for a Williamsburg rally in bad weather means that he and Donald Drumpf are going to win Virginia. We cats can attest to the validity of that statement by confirming that yes — it's been raining a lot in the Old Dominion lately.

Pence's exuberant assertion — made over the phone to Drumpf, apparently — is hilarious, on a ton of levels. But let's just take his assumption at face value — that those 650 lamebrains, merely by showing up, will make the difference in Virginia for the Republican ticket on November 8. We have a few questions:

How many of the 650 are registered to vote? How many are registered but have changed their address, and don't realize that they have to re-register? How many haven't voted since 2004 and now are inactive on the voter rolls?

How many know where their polling place is? How many know their voting hours on Election Day?

How many of them have volunteered to sign up new voters, recruit volunteers, knock on doors, make phone calls, be voter advocates, and take people to the polls? In short, aside from attending a rally and making a small-dollar contribution online, what else have they done besides sit on the couch, drinking beer and watching Hannity?

Finally, is there a robust Drumpf organization here that will help answer all these questions? We haven't seen any reports that campaign volunteers were circulating among the Williamsburg crowd with soggy clipboards, signing people up. Just sayin'. Mike Pence is ridiculous, and we cats HISS.

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