Sunday, October 16, 2016

Arson? We're Betting Hoax.

By Baxter

Gosh! Have things gotten so bad for the Republicans that they're firebombing their own campaign headquarters?

Seriously — you didn't think that "attack" on the GOP county office in North Carolina was real, did you? We Democrats don't know the first thing about explosive devices. Heck, we barely even own guns. And the "graffiti" scrawled on a nearby building — "Nazi Republicans, leave town or else" — was the stuff of bad movies.

Nope, it's pretty clear to us that this Trump HQ torching in a crucial swing state is fakefakefake — a 2016 version of Ashley Todd. All they need to keep their base riled up is a Trump-Pence volunteer to turn up with an "H" carved in her cheek.

We'll be the first to admit it if we're wrong, but right now this North Carolina incident smells like some Drumpf supporter's idea of a lefty hate crime. Sadly, real hate crimes are usually committed against people who agree with us, not them. We cats HISS.

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