Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The GOP's Ongoing Guerre Against Girls

By Sniffles

Republican women are worried. Is their party driving women away?

The answer, of course, is yes. How could they not? Donald Drumpf, a disturbed, erratic, narcissistic, needy, know-nothing pussy grabber, is at the head of their Presidential ticket, and legions of equally seriously disturbed, clueless guys are trotting out to defend him on said grabbing. We cats haven't run into a lot of women who dream of cuddling up to Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich.

Now, Gingrich has really gotten crazy on that subject, accusing FOX "News's" Megyn Kelly of being "fascinated with sex."

Republicans, as always, have problems with words. Just as Drumpf himself couldn't get Vice President Biden's "gym" comment right the other day (he called it a "barn"), Gingrich must have meant "obsessed" rather than "fascinated." But, whatever. Here's the bottom line: Gingrich downplayed sexual assault by verbally assaulting the female anchor who was quizzing him about it.

We think that a serial adulterer and wife hater like Gingrich treating Kelly that way has probably just pushed another 50,000 GOP-leaning women out of the Drumpf column and over to Hillary Clinton. After all, Gingrich committed at least a double flagrant foul: 1) gratuitous mansplaining, and 2) accusing  a woman who utterly lacks a history of sex fascination of being, um, fascinated with sex. With no moral standing of his own, by the way.

Republicans may try to dismiss the Gingrich-Kelly dust-up as a ridiculous incident. But in our opinion, the suburban women who hold the key to this election won't laugh it off so easily. (Donald Drumpf, meanwhile, congratulated Gingrich on "an amazing interview.") We cats PURR.

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