Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump? Not Our First Choice.

By Zamboni

Or even our last choice. Is there something lower than last?

Apparently a lot of people in Arizona agree. Hillary Clinton is ahead of Trump there now.

Do we know that she's leading by just a point? Sure. But it doesn't matter. What's more important is that the Trump campaign is having to make some very difficult decisions right now, none of them pleasant. Do they race to pour in resources to save the Grand Canyon State — a place that they never dreamed would be a problem? And since politics is a zero-sum game, which states will get stiffed so they can play defense in Arizona?

Indiana, maybe? It should be safe Republican territory. Heck, Mike Pence is from Indiana. But — whoops! Trump's lead is only four points there now. Down seven since August, and inching close to the margin of error. They can't afford to abandon Indiana now.

And of course they must keep trying to win Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, big battlegrounds with expensive media markets. Hm.

The Trumpsters are up against a brutal reality: the electoral map. They have to allocate their increasingly scarce resources to swing states that are not adding up to 270. Oh, and did we mention? Hillary's already at 287. We cats PURR.

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The Cranky Copywriter said...

I've heard from someone who just spent time in Indiana that Pence is generally despised, and they can't imagine how
such an idiot was chosen for Vice President.