Saturday, October 15, 2016

Knock, Knock

By Miss Kubelik

"Who's there?" A Democratic Party volunteer, that's who.

We cats spent all day today working a staging location for Hillary Clinton canvassers — not just in battleground Virginia, but in one of the Commonwealth's key counties. "Prince William has become a majority-minority district, voting largely Democratic for the past few cycles," reports CNN. Fifty-three percent of our neighbors here in PWC are non-white — in short, the folks that Donald Drumpf, Steve Bannon and the other bigots in Republican World view as lesser beings.

Well, we Clintonistas are working hard to get them to the polls. Today, our own staging location sent out nearly 80 volunteers to knock on 3,500 doors. And we were far from the only Hillary people to be fielding canvassers in Prince William County on this lovely October day. Some voters our folks spoke to reported no similar sightings of Trump volunteers.

Surprising? Nope — not since the Drumpf campaign abandoned Virginia for other key states they're in danger of losing. We cats are keeping our nose to the grindstone and our paws on the doorbells. And we PURR.

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