Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lest We Furr-get: A Tale Of Two Cousins

By Miss Kubelik

Al Gore, always the dry wit of whom we cats have been fond, campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Miami yesterday and declared himself "Exhibit A" as to why your vote matters. Really, really matters.

We thought that was an interesting confluence of events, since the total screw-over of President Gore back in 2000 began with a Bush cousin named John Ellis — while today, Republican World is roiled by a vulgar "Access Hollywood" tape featuring a Bush cousin named Billy.

Perhaps a little background is in order.

John Ellis Bush, working the FOX "News" "decision desk" on Election Night 2000, instructed the network to call Florida for the Worst Person Who's Ever Lived — even though every other news outlet was saying, whoa, wait a minute. Thousands of hanging chads, one Brooks Brothers riot and a Bush-engineered Supreme Court pronouncement later, Al Gore got cheated out of the Presidency he had won.

Fast forward 16 years to Donald Drumpf's epic Pussy Galore weekend, and we find that there's another, um, Bush involved.

That Billy Bush — whose media persona is apparently that of a clueless celebrity hanger-on with no moral, intellectual or ethical grounding — was present for what may prove to be the most important disqualifying event in Donald Trump's political life and failed to alert the Jeb! campaign back in the GOP primaries, even when Trump was trashing Jeb! every second and implying that he was low-T....

Well, it's too ironic to fathom. Is the Bush family still speaking to him?

And the idea that a bumbling member of the Worst Person clan might help deliver the White House to another Clinton in 2016 will be sweet payback for the nefarious acts of John Ellis Bush in 2000.

We hope that President Gore can find some wry amusement in all of this. And we jump in his lap and PURR.

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