Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tidbits And Cat Treats: Behavioral Issues Edition

By Miss Kubelik

We cats have a friend here in Virginia who pretty much nailed voters' problems with Donald Trump: He acts like a six-year-old. This weekend, though, you couldn't blame people for thinking that he's really more of a pathological 70-year-old. Here are just a few of the latest reasons.

Following last Monday's debate, the Trump campaign claimed that it raised $18 million in 24 hours. It was unclear how much of that total was in cash and how much in pledges — but knowing how these things work, we'd say that a fair chunk was in the "I owe ya" category. Well, since then Trump has spent the week slut- and fat-shaming a former Miss Universe, making wild claims about his debate-stage mic, denying his falling polls, getting hit by The New York Times on his taxes, and, just last night, going completely off the rails at a rally in Pennsylvania. So we're wondering: How many of those pledges will be honored?

(Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign raised $154 million in September — her best month ever. Now that's a campaign with stamina!)

Ivanka has come out with an ad aimed at women, trying to reassure them that since he has a child care plan, her daddy is not nearly as dangerous as they think. Ridiculous on its face. But after the week that Trump has just had, how is that message possibly getting through?

Speaking of women, how ironic that Trump accused Alicia Machado of having a "sex tape" when he appeared in a soft-porn Playboy video himself. We're wondering how evangelical Christians across America feel about that — not to mention the Mormons in Utah. And since Nevada has a lot of Mormons, too, is that part of the reason that Clinton is now up by six points there?

Finally, after reading Jenna Johnson's staccato-drumbeat reporting of Trump's rally behavior last night, let's all pronounce Howard Dean vindicated, shall we? We cats PURR.

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