Thursday, October 13, 2016

Not Unlike The Surrender At Appomattox

By Sniffles

Maybe Bob Dylan winning the Nobel prize for literature is the least-strange thing that happened today.

Donald Trump lashed out at the Clinton campaign and the media this afternoon, whipping his pitchfork brigade to such a frenzy that they surrounded reporters with verbal abuse and obscene gestures after the rally was over. The New York Times — hardly the Clintons' BFFs, we can't help noting — responded to Trump's vast left-wing conspiracy grenade by basically saying, "Go ahead and sue us, you jerk."

Then Trump pushed back against a People magazine writer's groping accusation by saying, "Look at her." (Actually, she's blonde and pretty.) Hacked Clinton emails kept coming from Trump running mate supporter Vladimir Putin (and we're still waiting for that bombshell the Trumpsters keep promising will come). And Michelle Obama did an epic take-down of the Republican nominee, without once mentioning his name, in a remarkable speech in New Hampshire.

But because all politics is local, we cats choose to focus on what's just happened in Virginia. The Trump campaign is pulling up stakes — abandoning our 13 electoral votes to Clinton-Kaine.

Whee! We figured that, what with the schisms between the campaign and the Republican National Committee, the Trump effort in the Old Dominion would pale in comparison to ours. But now that we know that the GOP and Trump Tower's "best brains" are cutting off money, personnel and other resources here, we will truly outshine them in voter registration, supporter identification and GOTV.

Think we Democrats will now sit back and take it easy? Guess again. We have a ton of voters to get to the polls, and a few odious GOP House members to try to knock off.

So we will be out there in force — this weekend, and every weekend between now and November 8. We cats PURR.

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