Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Just As The Cat Fight Wraps, A Fabulous Smackdown On A Woman's Right To Choose

By Zamboni

A lot of people are saying — really, we've heard it from a lot of people! — that Mike Pence didn't defend his running mate enough at last night's VP debate and, in fact, drew some surprising distinctions between himself and Donald Trump. (So much so that Trump is said to be miffed, which his campaign manager has been forced to deny.)

What Pence does have in common with Donald Trump, however, is a weird vocabulary. He accused Tim Kaine of being programmed to say certain things, but as always with the 2016 Republican ticket, there's a whole lot of projection going on. Pence so cravenly repeated certain attack phrases during the 90-minute slugfest that — well, let's just call it a heartbreaking, feckless, insult-driven, pre-done avalanche of whipped-out Mexican things, shall we?

And of course, Matt Lauer is feeling great today. He is no longer the worst moderator in history.

It's sad that Elaine Quijano couldn't control the conversation last night. Because we cats are sure that a lot of viewers switched to baseball after the first 30 minutes or so — and therefore missed what happened near the end, when Kaine made this brilliant challenge on abortion:

"Why doesn’t Donald Trump trust women to make this choice for themselves? That’s what we ought to be doing in public life: living our lives of faith or motivation with enthusiasm and excitement, convincing each other, dialoguing with each other about important moral issues of the day. But on fundamental issues of morality, we should let women make their own decisions.

"You should live your moral values, but the last thing governments should do is to have laws that would punish women who make reproductive choices. That is the fundamental difference between the Clinton-Kaine ticket and the Trump-Pence ticket."

Pence had no real answer. But he did manage to use the word "heartbreaking" again. (Does he have a uterus? What the hell does he know from "heartbreaking"?) We cats HISS. 

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