Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We're On The Lookout For Those Vote-Frauding Mexicans And Syrians

By Miss Kubelik

We cats are thrilled that President Obama has weighed in on Donald Drumpf's ridiculous bleatings about the election being "rigged." Statements from the Presidential bully pulpit are always welcome, particularly comments as withering as Obama's were today.

And how hilarious is it that Drumpf is threatening to send his merry band of frustrated-white-guy ne'er-do-wells out as vigilante poll watchers? One Ohio guy even told a reporter that he'd be watching for "Mexicans, Syrians and people who can't speak American." (WHUT?)

We have our doubts about whether the folks you see at Trump rallies will actually be able to rouse themselves to poll-watch — in the "inner cities" or anywhere else. The couch and the beer keg beckon, you know? But if Drumpf does manage to inspire 10,000 of his most devoted yahoos to try and intimidate our voters, it won't bother us.

Why? Because we can't imagine, say, an 80-year-old, 100-pound African-American grandmother being cowed by these guys — not after all the voter suppression crap she's seen over the years.

And maybe more important, that'll be 10,000 Trumpsters who'll be wasting their time standing guard over nothing instead of working on Republican GOTV — making phone calls, going door to door and driving folks to the polls. Sounds good to us! We cats PURR.

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