Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donald Trump Is Doing WHAT?

By Zamboni

There are a couple of hard and fast rules in politics, at least that we cats know of. One is that when your enemy is busy destroying himself, don't interfere. (And boy, is Donald Drumpf doing exactly that.)

Another is that politics — and, therefore, campaign management — is the allocation of scarce resources among competing choices. Now, it's 28 days to Election Day, and that rule is coming into force, big time.

And what's happening to our respective major-party efforts? On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is fighting a one-front war against the Republican forces of darkness. And she's fighting it with superior weaponry: Clinton-Kaine, the pro-Clinton super PAC and the Democratic National Committee all boast greater resources than Drumpf, his super PAC and Rancid Pieface's RNC.

Meanwhile, Drumpf has inexplicably plunged himself into a two-front war: against Hillary, and against his own party. He's gone after Paul Ryan, John McCain and — well, heck, everybody. While he's likely not spending any money to feud with the GOP establishment, he is spending the scarcest resources of all: his time and credibility. And down the line, it could also affect his cash by drying up prospective contributions.

Allow us to repeat that we're loath to reach for the easy Nazi analogy. But what's going on in the Republican Party right now is so amazing that we can't help thinking about Hitler choosing to invade the Soviet Union at the same time he was fighting the West. And we all know how that turned out. We cats PURR.

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