Sunday, October 23, 2016

Need A Champion? Bet On Joe.

By Miss Kubelik

Let us take a moment to praise Joe Biden.

We cats understand that on the issues, Joe has had a bit of a checkered past where women are concerned. His non-performance during the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings was pretty disappointing. We know women today who, 25 years later, still have trouble forgiving him — not just for letting Thomas slip through the Judiciary Committee's fingers but for totally not getting it. You know — it.

Because we have a soft spot for Joe, though, we are going to assume that now, all these years later, he does, um, get it. In our view, he has an appreciation for what women have to go through in their personal and professional lives, but it's an understanding that's leavened with a charming dash of don't-you-dare-insult-my-sister, corner-bar umbrage.

Hence his sponsorship and passionate support for the Violence Against Women Act. And hence his recently expressed desire to beat up Donald Trump behind the gym.

As the nation is perhaps on the brink of electing its first woman President and repudiating its most vile party nominee, we welcome any and all converts to the cause of humans behaving decently. For most of his life, Joe Biden has behaved just that way. Which makes us PURR.

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