Thursday, October 27, 2016

Go Ahead, Trumpsters, Make Our Day

By Zamboni

Donald Trump's ragtag army of true believers is muttering about armed rebellion.

Perhaps they're looking at the forecasts, or hearing their candidate's dark warnings about "rigged" elections (ignoring how many crucial states are run by Republicans) — or just feeling like the tide has turned, with depression starting to sink in.

We cats agree that some kind of tide is turning now, if it hasn't already. We remember when the bottom fell out from under the Democratic ticket in 1980 — and although 2016 for the GOP isn't going to be as swift and dramatic, we will be very surprised if, thanks to the repugnance of her opponent and her own vast organization, Hillary Clinton doesn't just prevail but surpasses expectations. So the folks that Trump calls his "fan base" must be sensing it. And determined to reject it.

Although we don't doubt that the diehard Trumpsters are sclerotic, we think their threats of "revolution" are as empty as their candidate's suit.

First, their predictions are anecdotal. To our knowledge, no pollster has gone into the field to ask Freepers and Breitbarters and Stormfronters if they're really going to grab their pitchforks and their guns and march in the streets. But we'll keep an eye peeled for that.

Second, the Trumpsters who do forecast revolution seem to be putting it on someone else. "I'm more of a peaceful person," said one. "But I do think there will be a large amount [sic] of people that [sic] are terribly upset and may take matters into their own hands."

Finally, they say the rebellion will start once President Hillary comes for their guns. Which, of course, is never going to happen (sigh).

To these reasons, we cats will add our personal conviction that the raging Trumpsters are all hot air and laziness. So we'll be pretty shocked if they manage to get up from their computers and their couches to storm the Bastille. Still, it'll be interesting to watch — and depending on how big Hillary's margin is and how silly they look, it may even make us PURR.

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