Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary Did Just Peachy-Dory In The Debate. Drumpf And The GOP, Not So Much.

By Baxter

So it's kind of a bad night for Ivanka Trump. Hours after her statement that Donald Drumpf would accept the election results if he loses, her daddy stepped up to the lectern at UNLV and pulled the rug out from under her.

Now Ivanka knows how Drumpf's hapless running mate feels.

Drumpf's disqualifying comment has also put establishment Republicans in a pretty pickle. What the heck do Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell do now? Can they possibly avoid the press for 20 days straight? It will be a sight to see.

And by the way, this was also not a great night for Barbara Comstock. The odious anti-choice Republican who is fighting for her political life in Virginia's 10th Congressional District was just handed a crap sandwich by her party's Presidential nominee. Drumpf equating women’s reproductive freedom with non-existent abortions that take place in the fourtth week of the ninth month? … Yeah, that'll play well with Comstock's suburban female constituents. We cats PURR.

P.S. If our headline puzzles you, click here.

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