Friday, January 13, 2012

Calling James Inhofe

By Zamboni

So today is the 30th anniversary of the Air Florida Flight 90 crash, and amid all the coverage, there's something we've noticed but which nobody else seems to be pointing out.

Take a good look at that white stuff in the Potomac River. What the heck is that? Oh! It's called "ice." It forms from water when it's cold out.

Is there any ice on the Potomac in January three decades later? Somehow, we think not. In fact, it was 65 degrees in the Washington area just a few days ago.

We cats don't want any planes to fall from the sky from ice and snow. But this weirdly warm weather is freaking us out. And we wish to God that someone from our side would torture the "junk science" Republicans each time our thermometer sets a new winter record.

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