Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tomorrow's Clown College Debate: What Wolf Blitzer Should Ask (But Probably Won't)

By Miss Kubelik

We cats often write posts like this. But we wouldn't have to if the guys who call themselves "journalists" would do their jobs. (Besides, it gives us another lovely opportunity to post a third "Fear Factor" picture, albeit a slightly blurry one.)

Tomorrow night is another, goodness gracious, Republican debate. While we're confident that the GOP will look back on these 2012 clownfests and kick themselves for doing them, they've certainly provided us Democrats with entertainment. (And some frustration, since there are always questions that the moderators should ask but don't.)

To wit, here are some queries the Wolfman should pose tomorrow. But don't hold your breath. You'll pass out.

"Gentlemen, many of your fellow Republicans from farm states are on record as supporting the lifting of the 50-year-old U.S. embargo against Cuba, so that American farmers can sell their goods there. But here in Florida, much of the Cuban electorate opposes lifting the embargo.

"Where do you stand? Do you agree with large numbers of farm state Republicans that the embargo should end — or do you believe, as the Republican leadership in Florida's Cuban community does, that it must continue?

"If you support continuing the embargo, why didn't you talk about that in Iowa, before the caucuses took place?

"If you support continuing the embargo, will you discuss your position when you campaign in Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska and North Dakota?"

(NOTE TO WOLF: Don't trouble Ron Paul with this. He opposes the embargo. He'd like Texas cattlemen to be able to sell beef to Havana.)

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