Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dear Willard, You Have a Problem

By Miss Kubelik

Gosh, we cats don't know how the Romneybots are going to mend fences with the teabaggers after Tuesday.

We just looked in on the rabid Republican base over at Free Republic and they are gun-totin' mad about the Republican establishment's anti-Gingrich campaign in Florida. Here are a few samples of their rage — some of which, we've noticed, have started to stray into anti-Mormon territory. In the meantime, GOP, good luck with all this. You'll need it.

"God help me, I detest Romney...I always disliked him and I always knew I could never vote for him. But after seeing his cutthroat, ruthless, rotten, wicked, underhanded campaign against Newt, all the while keeping that insincere, superior little smile on his face, the very sight of him sickens me. He is one of the most repellent individuals I have ever seen."

"He is a brainwashed Stepford Husband completely owned and operated by the cultists of the LDS church!"

"Mormons are a CULT plain and Simple, no differant [sic] than Scientology."

"Not surprising when you know that Joseph Smith burned down newspapers he didn’t like. They are one and the same, we don’t like you — we will destroy you."

"After this past coupla weeks [with] the RINO establishment becoming cheap-shot snipers against Gingrich...and Romney also playing dirty, I am so angry I could spit blood! God help us!"

"Some of us having been warning Free Republic for half a decade what it would be like when a Mormon Mechelzdiak Priest ran for office (the lies, the nastiness), but we were called bigots. Now, maybe people will understand what we were talking about. You can’t separate the religion and the history from the man."

Finally, this last one sounds kind of scary. Remember, we said gun-totin'. Has somebody called the cops?

"Our goal is the complete political destruction [of] Romney...and by extension the GOP, if necessary. We're not going to roll over this time. We have opted for war. Mitt Romney will not be President of the United States. We will take him out of the political mix in the primaries if possible. However, we are willing to ENSURE his defeat in the general election...If that becomes necessary, we will take out as many of his supporters as possible."

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