Sunday, January 22, 2012

Don't Know Much About (GOP) History

By Baxter

So you thought that after whiffing on that question about his taxes, describing nearly $400,000 as "not very much," and declaring that he liked "to fire people," Willard Mitt Romney was gaffed out? Guess again.

We cats haven't seen a lot of coverage of this, but at his sad-sack "victory" party in South Carolina last night, the deposed Republican front-runner said this:

"Our party can't be led to victory by someone who has...never run a business and never led a state."

We bet that the Romneybot who came up with this line thought it was great — a neat, prissy little way for Willard to pat himself on the back and insult Newt Gingrich at the same time. But unfortunately, it's also an insult to Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Bob Dole and John McCain — three Republican Presidents and two GOP nominees, both of whom have endorsed him.

Gingrich, the so-called "historian" in the race, should be all over Romney for this. In fact, maybe he will be — at tomorrow night's debate.

We can't wait for the next Florida poll to come out. In the meantime, we cats PURR.

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