Friday, January 27, 2012

GOP: Gone With The Willard? (The Sequel)

By Zamboni

How sad that our Comcast programmers weren't up to any mischief last night. The 2012 Republican clown college met in debate (again!), and our on-screen guide didn't insist that we were watching "Fear Factor." (But of course we didn't watch it. That opening rendition of the Star Spangled Banner had us running for the concession stand.)

Anyway, since Newt Gingrich blew it, and Willard Mitt Romney is apparently on top again, we cats are sure that from now through next Tuesday, the world will collectively witness an epic battle — a fight to the death, in fact — between the GOP establishment and the teabaggers for the soul of the Republican Party in Florida. Assuming, of course, that it has a soul.

We're certain of this because we've beamed in on some right-wing corners of the Internet today, to see how they're reacting to the idea of Willard Ascendant. Our nutty friends at Free Republic, for example, are loaded for bear. And the famous quitter from Alaska has reared her head and weighed in on how the Romneybots and their allies are "crucifying" Newtie. This Palin Newt-love has not gone unnoticed in the world of teabaggery (although they'd prefer it if she out-and-out endorsed him).

Prediction: Hundreds of official teabag groups in Florida will be burning through e-mail and the phones this weekend to turn out the vote. Their message:"victory or death." Their under-the-table goal: Find a Gingrich voter who will officially challenge the RNC's winner-take-all rule after Willard prevails in Florida.

And, oh — Marco Rubio? You've reaped yourself a ton of teabagger grief. Just sayin'.

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