Friday, January 13, 2012

If Katharine Graham Were Alive Today, She'd Be Spinning in Her Grave

By Sniffles

Take a good look at this guy who wasn't elected President. Not in 1944, and not, more memorably, in 1948.

Thomas E. Dewey, Governor of New York. REPUBLICAN. That hair.... that mustache.... what else could he be? But of course, you'd never know that from today's Washington Post.

In our hard-copy edition of the newspaper that plopped on our doorstep this morning, a photo of Dewey that accompanied this article labeled him thus: "Democrat lost to Harry Truman."

Yes, we cats know, people make mistakes. But for the major newspaper in the nation's capital — a newspaper with national pretensions — to make this particular mistake is almost beyond imagining. Clearly the Post now is staffed by children whose political knowledge stops with the second Bush Administration. Is there a more famous Democratic comeback than Harry Truman's in 1948? Is there a more famous political picture? Don't make us show you.

We have written to the Post and verbally boxed their ears. But, goodness gracious. They'll be saying Nixon was a Democrat next.

We cats HISS.

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