Monday, January 16, 2012

Jonny Ends His Quest

By Miss Kubelik

After an awkward rollout, a bunch of lame slogans and jokes, and only a few charming debate moments, Jon Huntsman is calling it quits, and the cute quotient of the Republican 2012 clown college has just decreased a thousand percent.

We can't quite imagine why Huntsman chose to drop out now rather than a week ago (or hence). We'd have thought that a man who apparently relies on the rhythm method of birth control might have a better sense of timing. We also can't decide why he thought his message of reason and relative moderation would appeal to today's GOP.

That aside, our only guess is that he'll wait for the Republican Party to self-destruct this year, after which he can ride to its rescue in 2016.

Let's hope his next campaign staff spells his name right.

(PHOTO: Grant Cornett for TIME)

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