Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rupie Hearts Ricky

By Baxter

Gosh! Are we all excited? Rupert Murdoch has started to tweet! And he's saying nice things about our projected Iowa winner, the unGoogleable Rick Santorum!

That's almost as fun as Santorum's incredibly lame fashion statement, which the press, which must be bored out of its skull with the 2012 Republican clown college, has now started to write about.

But don't get too aflutter, folks. We cats think we know what's behind this sudden Aussie tweeting.

Rupert Murdoch woke up this weekend, saw the prospect of Willard Mitt Romney wrapping everything up with a strong Iowa finish — and panicked.

See, the Republican debates have been huge ratings hits, and the 2012 coverage has been the best thing to happen to FOX since Barack Obama's inauguration. So Rupie latched onto the most likely candidate to stretch out the primaries, and dropped some hints. (As with everything on the GOP side, it's all about cash. In this case, Rupie's cash.)

But don't be downcast, even if Murdoch's motives are a little suspect. There's still something to amuse us Democrats: If our theory is correct, then it means trouble for Romney in terms of how FOX will spin his Iowa results — whatever they are.

We cats PURR.

(PHOTO: One of Rick Santorum's now-famous sweater vests. Check out this very funny Santorum-in-Iowa feature.)

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