Monday, January 2, 2012

Tidbits and Cat Treats — Pre-Iowa Edition

By Sniffles

Like the rest of the world — most notably, Hawkeye State Republicans — we cats have perhaps overdosed a bit on tomorrow's Iowa caucuses. But a few choice items in this morning's news have caught our eye:

Just one day after our post predicting a win by the unGoogleable Rick Santorum, we note that he packed a Sioux City coffee shop with 200 people. Pretty good for a guy whose early days were spent talking to groups of no more than four or five.

And, we might add, we note that the latest PPP poll is showing Iowa a three-way, 21-20-19 tie. Nate "Nerdstrodamus" Silver cautions that this could just be a "random variance" — but we cats think not. Obviously all those Christian fundamentalists in Hawkeyeland read us. Willard and Ron have crested and may be falling a bit; Ricky's on the rise.

After Michele Bachmann loses tomorrow, and Minnesota's redistricting process is completed, we hope the Democrats do a money-bomb fundraiser for whoever runs against her for Congress this year. Michele, it's been fun — but It's Time for You to Go.

Speaking of Bachmann, she needs to go back to English class. You cannot qualify the adjective "unique" with the adjective "very." You either are unique or you aren't. Michele is unique only in her nuttiness.

Wait, we take that back. How could Bachmann be unique when the current Republican Party boasts the likes of Ron Paul, Steve King, Joe Wilson, Allen West, Marco Rubio, "Herb" Cain, scores of other clowns that we don't have enough room to mention here, and the famous quitter from Alaska?

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