Saturday, January 14, 2017

An Edmund Pettus Bridge Too Far

By Sniffles

For what beliefs has Donald Trump ever put his life on the line?

None. We know this, not just from history, but — most important — because eloquent people have stepped onto the world stage to point it out. "You have sacrificed nothing, and no one," said Khizr Khan back in July. How prescient he was.

Because today we see Trump, his thin skin so easily pricked, going after a man who has, willingly and constantly, thrust his life in danger in the service of a greater cause. Decades ago, John Lewis, now a veteran member of Congress, was arrested multiple times and savagely beaten so that black Americans could vote without harassment and be treated like any other American whose skin pigment didn't match his. How many of us would eagerly put ourselves at risk like that — especially in the age of social media, trolling and Pizzagate? We think, not many.

Is there a more fitting figure who could declare that Americans will not stand for Russian interference in our elections than a man who fought and bled against Jim Crow? Nope. The symmetry, in fact, is gorgeous.

We cats say kudos to the members of Congress who are lining up behind John Lewis and against Donald Trump and declaring, hell no, we won't show up at the Capitol next Friday for this farce of a swearing-in. We hope there will be more. And we're very interested that Republicans like Ben Sasse have jumped on board. "John Lewis and his 'talk' have changed the world," Sasse tweeted, obviously appreciating the difference between a civil rights hero and a rich-boy opportunist with heel spurs. (Keep your eye on this young Sasse lad, everybody. He's ambitious.)

There is still plenty of time for more Democrats to say, whoops — you know what? Start the inauguration without me. Jimmy Carter, Bill and Hillary Clinton, we Lewis-loving Americans turn our lonely eyes to you. Do the right thing — it would make us cats PURR.

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