Sunday, January 1, 2017

Objections, Please.

By Baxter

Who will be the first Republican not named McCain or Graham to scream about Donald Drumpf's lovefest with Vladimir "I Kill My Political Enemies and Invade Other Countries" Putin?

We cats are waiting breathlessly. After all, for most of our nine lives the GOP has been so rabidly anti-Communist and anti-Russian and anti-everything-anti-American that surely they will not put up with their Vulgarian President knuckling under to Putin. Will they?

Or... will they?

The most logical Republican to squeal foul on the Drumpf-Putin romance would be Baby Marco, of course. For decades, the Soviet Union (and then Russia) has propped up Rubio's hated Castro regime. Yet do we hear any objections from Baby Marco's corner about his Republican President's Putin crush? Hm, we think not.

Jeff Flake is a bit of a mini-maverick, so we're wondering if he'll step up to the plate. Bob "Harold, Call Me" Corker should probably say something, seeing how he chairs the Foreign Relations Committee and all. Rafael Cruz, Jr. has been stringently anti-Communist throughout his political life (although there's debate as to whether Vlad is a true Commie). So where is Rafael on this?

But in our book, Lisa Murkowski is the GOPer who should be most vocal and ballsy on this love-Putin crap. After all, she can see Russia from her house — right?

Sadly, we don't expect any of these Republican hypocrites to grow a spine and speak up. Which leaves us Democrats to take up the baton. Who has the guts — beside our most dependable man with moxie — to call 'em like he/she sees 'em?

We cats wait, and in the meantime, we HISS.

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