Friday, January 6, 2017

When GOTV Pays Off

By Sniffles

It's always fascinating how the allegedly small-government champions in the Republican Party just love to impose the will of Washington (or name any of the state capitals) into people's personal lives. The latest example, we're sad to say, is our idiot delegate to Richmond, who gazed on the chaos that ensued in North Carolina and said to himself, "Gee, we should have a bathroom bill in Virginia."

Local coverage so far has ranged from skeptical to contemptuous, although we haven't seen anyone pointing out that the idiot who's introducing the legislation has plans to run for Governor, and obviously is trying to shore up his cred with the religious right.

We cats are still waiting for somebody to explain to us how this ridiculous law is being, or would be, enforced. And we're getting no answers because, of course, it's all just a stupid show to dupe the Bible bangers (while targeting, marginalizing and making even more vulnerable an already vulnerable minority).

In the meantime, we are mighty glad that we have a Democrat sitting in the Governor's Mansion who will immediately dive for his veto pen if this bill ever gets to his desk. That's one reason we cats went door to door for Terry McAuliffe in 2013, and that makes us PURR.

UPDATE, January 13: Bravo to InsideNOVA, for pointing out that not only is our idiot delegate wasting one of just 15 opportunities a House member has to introduce legislation, but that by pushing a radical right-wing agenda, he's made himself persona non grata with his colleagues, which has further crippled his ability to serve his constituents. Support your local paper!

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