Sunday, January 15, 2017

Fake News? Fake President.

By Zamboni

Rancid Pieface is upset, and wants Barack Obama to do something. Excuse us while we try to stop laughing.

Did Pieface really just demand, without irony, that Obama "step up" and tell Democrats who are questioning Donald Trump's election to toe the line? Yes, he did. And we cats can't think of anything that will keep us on the Trump-Is-Illegitimate Bandwagon more than bogus GOP umbrage.

It's bogus because these are the same people who 1) never accepted Obama as President, despite his nearly 10-million-vote margin in 2008, 2) refused to work with him, even to save the country from economic disaster, and 3) questioned — and, in some quarters, still question — whether he was even born in the United States.

So spare us your outrage, Rancid. President Obama won in both 2008 and 2012 by decisive margins without having to lean on a hostile foreign dictator. And our latest nominee got three million more votes than your guy did. So between the Russian thug and the popular vote — plus a little dash of James Comey — we cats would say that yeah, your shiny new President is as phony as your pique.

We agree with John Lewis: Donald Trump is illegitimate. After all, we already know from the way that he treats people that he's a bastard. We cats HISS.

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