Tuesday, January 10, 2017

World Doomed, The Sequel

By Baxter

Alarm bells going off in your head about Vladimir Putin's favorite candidate taking the oath of office next week?

Well, get ready for the decibel level to ratchet up times ten: This dossier published by BuzzFeed — which has circulated among the powers that be for months, and on which President Obama and Donald Trump have just been briefed by intelligence officials — should have every puss in America quaking in his boots.

Since we cats are expert sprayers ourselves, we refuse to get all bent out of shape by the allegation that everyone will be talking about (see page two, item three).

But the rest of it? We are freaking out.

So much of the Trump-Russia connection is shocking, mind-blowing and disqualifying, but there are two things about the latest pack o' bombshells that really disturb us. One, that the intelligence community appears to be leaking this stuff before the Cone of Silence clamps down at noon on January 20. (After that, what?) And two, that James Comey thought that emails from Anthony Weiner on Huma Abedin's computer were far, far more important than a hostile foreign power putting a blackmail-vulnerable puppet in the White House.

A President named Nixon nearly got impeached for stuff way less worse than this. And Trump is starting to make George W. Bush look like Mr. Legitimacy. We cats HOWL.

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