Sunday, January 29, 2017

Flights And Fights

By Sniffles

Here's what we cats get for being busy and then social yesterday. We came home to find another Saturday Night Massacre underway — this time, at the nation's airports over the New Worst Person's outrageous Muslim ban. (Sorry, folks, but that's what it is.)

We are proud that thousands of incensed Americans — including kids — turned out across the country, from JFK International to Boston, to Dulles International here in Virginia, to Chicago's O'Hare, Denver, Phoenix and Sea-Tac in Seattle, where the crowd was especially feisty.

We send big PURRS and thanks to our Governor McAuliffe, our state Attorney General Mark Herring, and all the local lawyers who showed up to help people unconstitutionally detained here at Dulles. We salute the American Civil Liberties Union for jump-starting the courts, and send big Cheshire cat grins to former CIA/NSA director General Michael Hayden, who seemed amazed but pleased to find himself on the ACLU's side. We're thrilled that so many young people gave up their Saturday night to protest something bigger than themselves.

But a word of warning from us cats, dead and not-so-dead: Don't forget that this executive order was signed just as we were all fulminating about Trump canceling the Obamacare enrollment ads. So remember: If you need health coverage under the ACA, the deadline to sign up is still Tuesday, January 31 — and you can do it here.

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