Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tooth And Nail

By Zamboni

We cats always thought Kellyanne Conway was kind of butch, but now we know for sure. The inaugural ball she attended on Friday turned into an inaugural brawl — with her punching away in the middle of it.

No pun intended, but it's striking how violent these Trumpsters are.

Conway was apparently trying to break up a fight at the ball — a fight? — and we're still waiting for somebody to explain how that happened. (We're already used to the punching and shoving that regularly took place at Trump campaign rallies. But at inaugural balls?) Last year, we learned that Steve Bannon, the white supremacist co-author of the worst inaugural address ever, once tried to wring his ex-wife's neck, and smashed her phone. Since then, Trump's Labor Department nominee has been similarly accused by a former spouse — and we all know how Trump himself feels about sexual assault, don't we?

While we're amazed, we're not exactly surprised. The Trump crowd is made up of liars, lamebrains and lowbrows, just one step up from the Neanderthals. And, of course, the original hillbilly superstars of the teabagger crowd — the Palin family — set the Republican tone a long time ago with their own drunken donnybrooks.

We're not noticing anybody calling out this awful behavior, or demanding to know if the people who are newly in charge of the federal government — not to mention the nuclear codes — are stable and reasonable. We cats find this appalling. We remember when a prominent Democrat was relentlessly grilled about his temper and judgment — and, ultimately, ruled unfit for the Oval Office — simply because somebody handed him the wrong microphone. The double standard is infuriating, and it makes us HISS.

UPDATE: Here's another one. A Republican (of course) state rep from South Carolina — who's a staunch defender of the Confederate flag (also of course) — has resigned his seat after beating up his wife and terrorizing his children on the day after Christmas. But he still faces criminal charges and, maybe, 20 years in prison. Lock him up!

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