Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trump Voters Are As Bad As You Think They Are

By Zamboni

Our Canadian friends (and many of our fellow US citizens) are scratching their heads, wondering how Americans could elect such a brilliant and admirable man as Barack Obama in 2008 and then turn around eight years later and elect a psychopathic narcissist.

We cats admit that it stumps us, too — even though we know that three million more people voted for Hillary Clinton, and that the way that Democrats have distributed themselves out in the states are two of the reasons we're facing Armageddon now. But still, we can't help wondering how in the world all those people could look at and listen to Donald Trump and think, "There's my President."

Now comes the news that those Trump voters are puzzled: Why, they wonder, would anyone be upset that Vladimir Putin is the other big reason their guy will be number 45? Astounding as it seems, the Trumpsters have absolutely no problem with a hostile dictator skewing the American democratic process.

Which proves that Trump supporters and the Republicans are not small-d democrats.

They're not small-d democrats because they don't care about the democratic process. They're fine with suppressing the vote, refusing to hold hearings on Merrick Garland, rushing unvetted Presidential appointees through Congress, and other unconstitutional stuff that would make the Founding Fathers throw up. And it's double-scary that these millions also think Vladimir Putin is a-okay, because — oh, goodness, don't get us started on the list of why he is not. (Let's just say that we realized the real hardcore Trumpies loved Vlad back when he started cracking down on Russian gays.)

So, no airbrushing of where the country is right now. Our half of America thinks we should keep making progress on issues like climate change, access to healthcare, reproductive rights, civil and voting rights, nuclear proliferation, the minimum wage, etc. — while their (less-than) half not only thinks that we should roll all those things back, we should allow Russia to call the shots. That strange, hateful, Putin-loving America is indeed irredeemable, and it makes us cats HISS.

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