Tuesday, January 31, 2017


By Baxter

Well, all righty then. We may no longer have the rule of law in this country.

Customs agents at Dulles continue to defy a federal judge's order staying part of Donald Trump's Muslim ban — not only refusing to allow Muslim travelers access to attorneys, but unlawfully canceling visas and sending a few back from whence they came. So now the Commonwealth of Virginia has joined the fight in federal court to make these jackass agents comply.

Or do they only obey the law of Trump? Whatever that is. We dare anybody to tell us, because as the Commonwealth's attorney general, Mark Herring, has so succinctly pointed out, Trump's executive order on Friday was "sweeping, poorly understood and chaotically implemented, and led to the violation of the constitutional and statutory rights of numerous residents of Virginia."

In other words, Situation Normal All Trumped Up.

We cats PURR in the direction of General Herring for hopping on the stop-the-bigots train. And we take this final opportunity to remind the rest of you: If you need healthcare coverage, sign up for Obamacare here. Tonight's the night!

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